•  The Urban Garden
  •  Aesthetic Engineering
  • Huntsville Chandelier
  • Olympic Sculpture Park Bench
  •  Poetic Hybrids: Augmented Reality
  • A Not So Still Life: The Film

Noteworthy Happenings

  • Poetic Hybrids Augumented Reality Tour

    • February 2017 @Cornish College of the Arts
    • March 2017 @University of Washington Genetics Department
    • May 19, 2017 @Institute for Systems Biology
    • Fall, 2017 @Hudson Alpha Institue for Biotechnology
  • Poetic Hybrids Augmented Reality

    Originally inspired by interviews with genetic research scientists, Poetic Hybrids incorporates real time human creation with augmented reality to illustrate improbable hybrids with holograms....

  • Geekwire, "Poetic Hybrids"

  • Computer Magazine, "Science, technology and art merge at Seattle Art Museum’s ‘Poetic Hybrids’ exhibit"