Security Pacific Gallery Wings

Now permanently installed at Tacoma Art Museum
Bronze wings 18 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft, aluminum panels 2.5 ft x 12 ft each

Artist on the design team, Security Pacific Gallery, Seattle, WA, in collaboration with NBBJ Architects, Seattle, WA. Commissioned by Security Pacific Bank for a non-commercial gallery space in downtown Seattle. Responsible for facade redesign as well as artwork which included 3 - 16' x 8' bronze wings on the facade at various elevations and 6 - 16' x 2.5' laser cut aluminum panels forming a frieze across the front of the building.

Completed in 1990 and removed in 1997 due to a building sale, the three wings now live permanently on the exterior of the Tacoma Art Museum.

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Ginny Ruffner, Artist
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